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We’re giving our chickens what they want and need, such as advanced nutrition, and herbal products and probiotics to strengthen their immune system. We believe that “if we won’t feed it to our children, we won’t feed it to our chickens.” 

To ensure the chicken grow healthy and happily, all our chicken houses have natural lighting, we enforce mandatory "lights off" resting periods and we are continuously studying how we can make chickens feel more comfortable within their housing environment.
We strongly oppose the use of cages in any animal farming or any other, in that matter! Our chickens are grown indoors in a clean and safe environment with ample space where they can roam around freely and are treated with care and respect they deserve, animal welfare is our top priority and we believe that “A Healthy Chicken is a Happy Chicken” and we always will that mean saying “NO” to the things that make our chickens unhealthy is a good thing!